Don't Eat Beads
Owner/Designer Danielle Murphy
857 34BEADS
Websites:    www.donteatbeads.artfire.com         2009 – Present
                          www.donteatwire.artfire.com            2011 – Present
                          www.beadesandbags.etsy.com     1/2009 – Seasonal
                          www.donteatbeads.etsy.com             2009 – Seasonal 

History Of Don’t Eat Beads:
     In 2006 my mom lost a costume black and white pearl ring that she loved dearly.  I tried for several weeks to replace that ring but could only find jewelers that would make them.  My mom had left it sitting on a window sill when she was helping someone and it wasn’t the first time.  As much as I love my mom, I just couldn’t justify the 700.00 plus to have one made.  Then I stumbled upon instructions to make one, so I ran out and bought all of the supplies.  I made a ring and wore it to work, made it thru an hour or so and it started to fall apart.  Instead of taking it apart, I twisted it together, and all of a sudden people started complimenting me.  I went home and over the next year came up with my own pattern for a cluster ring.  This was just the start, As I began producing these beautiful rings I found myself constantly yelling don’t eat beads at the bunnies who loved to eat the Swarovski crystals and now don’t eat wire at my puppy who loves to chew on the wire.
Inspirations Behind Don’t Eat Beads: 
     As a child, instead of selling lemonade, I went door to door selling mail holders made out of ribbon,  paper plates, paper, crayons, and melted crayons, as I got older I started making decorative headbands.  In junior high I got distracted by volunteering with my local animal shelter, and then came high school.  The real world came around and with it came braking my favorite jewelry, being a constant crafter I started repairing and of course recreating new pieces.
     In 2005, my mom lost her favorite black and white pearl ring.  I wanted so badly to surprise her with one, however the local jewelry stores could only do a costume design and it would run over $700.00.  One day I found directions to make a ring and I was so happy.  I immediately ran out and bought all of the supplies, followed the directions and wore it to work.  Not even an hour into my shift the ring started to fall apart.  For some reason instead of taking it apart I twisted it all together it keep it on.  I started to get compliments on the beautiful ring.
Fair Experience:                       
     The main feature on my fairs is the wire wrapped rings.  I have created some additional items to highlight the beauty of the rings.  I am phasing out many of the additional jewelry items that I have, such as bracelets and many necklace items. 
Standard Items Include
·       Rings   ……................. Over 1400 +
·       Earrings  ...................... approx. 75
·       Necklaces  ........…......  approx. 45
·       Bracelets ….................  approx. 20
·       Anklets ……...........…. approx. 80 +
·       Bookmarks …….......... approx. 25
·       Stretchy Bracelets........ approx. 10
·       Animal Awareness ...... approx. 50 +
CCC Car Show, Waco, TX - May 5th, 2012
- All of the above listed items 
Funky Finds Spring Fling, Longview, TX - April 21 & 22 2012
- All of the above listed items 
Arlington Courts Market Place, Dallas, TX - March 31st, 2012
- All of the above listed items 
Funky Finds, Fort Worth, TX - March 10-11th, 2012
- All of the above listed items 
- Launched animal awareness items
Central's Market Place, Waco, TX - December 3rd 2011
- All of the above listed items 
- Big selection of holiday earrings
Funky Finds, Fort Worth, TX - November 2011
“A Holiday Shopping Experience”
- All of the above listed items 
- Releasing new stretchy bracelets and Animal Rescue themed jewelry
Pet Fest 2011, Spring, TX - October 2011
- All of the above listed items 
- Featuring tags by Angela to benefit Fuzzy Friends Rescue
Gingerbread Fair, Waxahachie, TX - June 2011
- All of the above
- Special items included hair bows by Terri
CCC Church Car Show, Waco, TX - May 2011
- All of the above
- Special items included hair bows by Terri
Funky Finds Spring Fling, Fort Worth, TX - March 2011
- Launched new skull ring design
- Launched small selection hair bows for $1.00-15.00
- All above standard items
CCC Church Fair Waco, TX - December 2010
- Promotional item of handmade beaded ornaments by JJ
- Promotional item of handmade bows by Terri
- All standard items
Funky Finds Holiday Bizarre, Fort Worth, TX - November 2010
- Promotional item handmade ornaments by JJ
- Promotional dog leashes at 5.00 each
- All standard items
CCC Car Show, Waco, TX - May 2010
- Standard items
- Promotional dog leash items
Additional fair info available upon request
Current form of payments accepted:
-          Cash
-          Credit cards 

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