Each ring is hand created by me, each design is unique and no two rings ever look alike.  The cereal rings do look similar when being recreated, however the coil rings and the cluster rings do not.  I LOVE special orders and am always happy to try to recreate a design, the key word being try.

These are some beautiful CLUSTER RING designs.  It was this design
 that started all of my ring making obsessions ...

These are the beautiful cereal ring design, they started when the first one I made was in a corn flake color and a gentleman told me it looked like cereal ... The name stuck for the design grew into many many colors ...
Ingredients: 9mm and 6mm flat square beads, 4mm and 6mm bicone crystals. 2.5mm spacer beads, coils, bead caps, silver or gold plated wire in 20 and 24g


I am constantly inspired by my furkids, my angels ...
These rings are amazing, and even more wonderful to see in person
I had angel earrings and necklaces, it seemed only proper that i have an angel ring.

These beautiful rings are currently available for 10.00 simply click on the picture and be redirected

I love having these amazing rings, they sparkle and shine and bring a smile to my heart





These beautiful designs use charms and are hand coiled with crystals to add that extra touch.
The gun design launched sept 2011 and is a limited design unless i am able to find more of the gun charms
In the begining there were skull rings and there were flower rings.....
and then someone asked me if i could combine them.  My initial answer was NO, a very positive no.  I was certain that the flower and the skull would not be able to fit on the same ring .... wow was i WRONG, these beautiful rings have become one of my best sellers ... I am working on creating a link to the rings that are still available, simply click on the picture and it will link you to the site hosting my handmade items
Handmade earrings
These beautiful tiny angel earrings are available right now for only $6.00 and can be made in other colors if interested
Once I realized that the skulls and the flowers could be combined i wondered what other wonderful combinations I would be able to make .... And the awareness beads were therein front of me so i had to try ...
I just listed this beautiful ring the other day, made with new pansy beads that i got a fe weeks ago.  Made in the cereal ring design and will be available in more colors and sizes in the next few weeks.  This ring is a size 7 and available at www.donteatwire.artfire.com
 for $10.00
Many of these items can be found at www.donteatwire.artfire.com
I am constantly inspired by those around me ... You never know what may pop up, or in this case be pooped out, yes this collection was inspired by my friend brenda and yes it is poop ..
The Thats Poopie Collection ..... inspired by my friend brenda ..
this is the poop anklet ...
there are currenlty poop earrings,
an necklace, still working on a
poop ring ..
I currently have these beads available
and will happily take custom orders
Being an animal lover I had to have paw charms and of course make myself some holiday paw print earrings. I started wearing my green paw print earrings and LOVED them. One day a gentleman came in and gave me a hard time for showing my "Baylor Spirit", I was very confused until he pointed out my holiday earrings ... I now have holiday paws and baylor inspired earrings ... They are currently listed at www.donteatwire.artfire.com and reg price of 7.00 each pair
Creating with clay flowers
Beautiful clay flowers really do make for some amazing jewelry and these earrings are no different. Most times these beautiful earringsare available by special order for about $7.00. I usually make some before a fair and they sell out quickly. The black and white design is the most popular, so popular i dont believe i even have a picture.
The Lois Collection
Its all about the power of the paw print and dog bone
beautiful blue anklet with wonderful dog bone charm
I will be tring to update often with new styles ...
 ~ danielle

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